October 14, 2018




LEADER                                      MEETING PLACE


SHAWN & HAVEN CLAYTOn        Shawn & Haven Clayton

          (Young Adults)                   4636 Robinson Loop East

                                                            Olive Branch, MS 



Ryan England/Adam King       Jamey & Laurie Jordan

          (Young Adults)                   4646 Nance Place

Everybody Always                              Olive Branch, MS

 by Bob Goff                                       901-277-4316


ADRIAN & KELLEY EPPS              Edd & Dana Bishop

          (Young Adults)                   6522 Darren Dr

            Colossians                             Olive Branch, MS



DENNIS & MARY EPPS/               Dennis & Mary Epps

TERRY & bONNIE MAREADY        9600 Woolsey Rd

 (Median Adults II)                           Olive Branch, MS



Wally & Linda Deberry             Allen & Cathy Wade

            (Adults – Mixed)                    4822 N Terrace Stone Dr

The Six Miracles of Calvary                 Olive Branch, MS




JOHN & MELINDA DUDGEON       Joe & Penny Borup

        (Adults – Mixed)                  4039 Dockery Dr.

Promised Land                                                Olive Branch, MS

            by Ray Vander Land              901-550-4093



TIM LAMPLEY                             Fellowship Hall

   (Senior Adults)                         901-494-2119        

***Immediately following the morning service***



David & Tony Manley              David & Tony Manley

(Median Adults)                           4167 Jessica Dr.

      Be Anxious for Nothing                 Southaven, MS



TINA POPPELREITER                      Call Tina Poppelreiter for info.

    (Women’s)                                901-828-4817

Crazy Love

by Francis Chan       



Carl & Karen Martinsen        Diane Smith

     (Senior Adults)                       4346 Bienville Rd.

When God’s People Pray                 Nesbit, MS 

            by Jim Cymbala                     901-827-9044


John & Heather deberry       Daniel & Katrina Hart

(College & Young Professionals)       6227 Cherokee Dr

                                                            Olive Branch, MS



TAPP/RISTER                             Wayne & Ann Tapp

      (Median Adults III)                    7139 Oake Chase Ln

                                                    Memphis, TN




JASON GRISSOM/JAKE CLARK  Broadway Baptist Church

Student Ministry                       5:00 pm                                


JOHN McEUEN                            Broadway Baptist Church

Adventure Time – Grades 1-5       5:00 pm


CARLENE BELUE                         Broadway Baptist Church

Babies – 5 years old                     Nursery opens at 4:45 pm