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Personal Information

Broadway Baptist Church does not collect personal information about website visitors without their consent. In cases when such information is requested to provide a service or respond to an inquiry, visitors only need to provide the minimal information necessary. Typically personal information is collected:
  • to allow us to respond to inquiries and requests
  • to allow us to process online orders
  • to allow access to an informational electronic mailing list or database

Use of Server Logs

Broadway Baptist Church's web servers log the standard information about website users including the IP address of the user, domain of the user, URLs visited, and the date/time visited. We use this information to generate aggregate reports which summarize our website traffic, which we use to improve our site and its usability for our visitors. We do not attempt to track individual users and we do not link the web log information to any other database with the purpose of identifying individual website users.


In order to fully use this website, a user must be a member of Broadway Baptist Church. The members who wish to fully use this web site must first fill out a registration form. During registration a user is required to give their contact information (such as name and e-mail address). This information is used to verify that the user is a member of Broadway Baptist Church. The user MUST use their real name, as this is one way we identify the user in our database. We also will collect other information (such as date of birth and gender) for the sole purpose of tailoring the information on this site to the particular member.

Use of Cookies

Broadway Baptist Church's website makes use of "cookies" in order to identify user sessions and maintain information within sessions. We use two kinds of cookies: first, a limited duration (24 hour) cookie that allows us to keep track of user information within the session to identify privileges and preferences of the user; this type of cookie is used, for example, when users register in order to gain access to public use data files and then log in to use or download the data. Second, our e-commerce site uses cookies to identify customers when they re-visit our site, so they do not have to re-register as customers, and also to maintain user identification as users add to their "shopping carts" and check out. We do not use cookie information to identify users in any way except as noted above, nor do we use the information given by users and stored in the cookies to link to any other data.

Note: If one were to visit the Broadway Baptist Church online Resource Store with cookies disabled, one would not be able to purchase resources or papers on the site. Also, one would not be able to register and use public use data files on the main site.

Web Bugs

Broadway Baptist Church does not may make use of "Web bugs" (programs installed on your personal computer by a website to track personal web usage) in any way, shape, or form.

How Is Personal Information Used?

Personal information is used by Broadway Baptist Church staff only for the purpose stated at the time it is collected, e.g. to reply to a question or inquiry or to provide a requested service. Such personal information is never used for secondary or unrelated purposes unless otherwise requested or explicitly agreed to by the website user.

It is the Broadway Baptist Church's policy never to share, trade, sell or otherwise disclose personal information to third parties without their informed consent or direction except:

  • where required by law, e.g. through subpoena, warrant or other legal process or
  • to the electronic bankcard processors and digital trust services which enable the Church to sell its publications and services online. The Church does not see or retain credit card information.
  • Broadway Baptist Church occasionally mails information about our events and publications to its online customers and members.  Personal information used for this purpose is never shared with any other organizations.

When requested, and where possible, Broadway Baptist Church will delete personal information from current operational systems.

Links to Third-Party Sites

Broadway Baptist Church provides a number of links to third-party sites and assumes no responsibility for the information practices of websites a user is able to access through ours. The Church encourages all web visitors to review the privacy policies and statements of all externally-linked websites. There is no third-party advertising on the Church's website.