Tim Lampley

I grew up in West Frankfort, Illinois with my parents and four sisters. I was the only boy which made life interesting to say the least. My father was a construction worker and was gone much of the time. To help make ends meet my mom opened a restaurant that consumed much of her time as well. The lack of supervision and the abundance of free time spelled trouble for me. By the age of fifteen I was immersed in alcohol and drugs. My life was speeding out of control.

It was during that time that my best friend experienced a tremendous change in his life with God. He began to tell me how Jesus Christ died on the Cross for my sins and how He came back to life after three days. He shared that Jesus' death paid for everything wrong I had ever done and would do.

After a series of events, I confessed my faith in Jesus Christ on a warm afternoon in June of 1974. That wonderful day represents the turning point in my life. I became a brand new person.

It has been an incredible journey since that wonderful day. God has been with me every step of the way. Through good times and bad times, He has proven Himself faithful. I cannot imagine where I would be without Jesus. Since 2006 it has been my joy to serve Broadway Baptist Church as their pastor. I hope you will come and worship with us very soon. I would love to have the opportunity to tell you more about God's overwhelming love.