Stan Roach

I grew up in a divorced home in North Central Arkansas. Although I feel I experienced a normal up bringing (as normal as a single dad could offer) I can really see the negative impact the absence of a mother has had on my life. My father was a pastor and therefore I was in church 9 months before I was born! I was never a "bad" kid but also I was never a "perfect" kid either. And because of these two polar opposites in my life I begin to look for something that would make sense of my young life and help me be more consistent in my actions.

At the age of 6 something happened that would change my life forever. This life changing event took place on a Sunday morning Oct 15, 1972 in Springdale, Arkansas. It was at this time that I understood that I was a sinner and there was nothing "good" enough within me that would allow me the privilege of spending eternity in Heaven! During a portion of that Sunday morning church service I gave my life to Christ by simply trusting in the fact that Jesus died for my sins and on the third day rose from the grave and that by placing all my trust in Him I too could one day spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

As stated before I grew up in a divorced household and understand the hard aches that come with a very dysfunctional family. However I must say that because of the presence of Christ in my life I believe I have found victory in life and the ability to forgive my parents! As a result I believe today it has made me a better husband, father and I a better person. Even though I have received Christ as my Savior I have my ups and downs and can say with all honesty that without Christ as my constant guide through life I would definitely be in a different place today! Because of Christ I have been happily married to the "same" woman for almost 30 years and have two children that I believe are striving to walk on with the Lord. I desire now more than ever to please Him and to serve Him however and wherever He wants me too!