John McEuen

I was born in central Arkansas to a young preacher and his wife. I grew up in the church, always there when the doors were open. We were often the family that showed up first and turned the lights on and left last, turning out lights and locking doors on our way out. When I was six years old I made the decision to trust in Jesus and give my life to Him. I asked my mom if she’d help me pray. Being a child, I waited until she was in the middle of a chore before I asked, so she told me that she’d help me as soon as she was finished with what she was working on. I went into my room ahead of her, closed the door, and knelt down next to my bed. I don’t remember the exact prayer, or even the exact day, but I remember that my mother came in while I was in the middle of praying. She came in and finished the prayer with me, and since this was the days before cell phones, we weren’t able to tell my dad until he came home that evening. He sat me down and counseled with me about my decision, and after our conversation he scheduled my baptism for the following Sunday.

It was ten years later when I was sixteen years old at a summer church camp that I felt God’s call to full time vocational ministry. I resisted at first, but it’s hard to ignore God when all the distractions of the world have been removed, and His call is strong. I relented and surrendered my life and career to God on the third night of camp, and I made that decision public the following week at my home church. My father graciously opened up his pulpit for me to preach, and I preached my first sermon. That sermon was also my last sermon until after I graduated high school. I met my wife in college, and we started a family and moved around a bit for a few years until we landed in Northwest Arkansas, where I had grown up, and there God called me again. I answered his call to Children’s Ministry, serving first for several years as a volunteer, then as an intern, and then finally as the Upward League Manager and Associate Children’s Minister. It was during my time as an associate that I began to feel God calling me again, moving me into a new area of ministry – pastoral leadership.

After ten years in Northwest Arkansas, God moved us out to Cordova, Tennessee, to attend Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. Shortly after moving to Cordova, I joined the Broadway staff as the Children’s Minister. I’m currently a Mid-America student seeking my Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry before I pursue my Master of Divinity. I’m excited about this season of growth and service to Christ and the opportunity to serve Him here at Broadway!