David Manley

Life before Christ

I grew up in Memphis, TN. Our household consisted of my Parents, Sister and Brother. I was raised in a good home, lower middle class income, without a lot of frills. Both of my parents worked very hard to provide. In junior high and high school I became very involved in sports and it is where I placed my identity. Like all teenagers I wanted to be a part of the crowd and as a result was involved in weekend activities which were not wise. Looking back I can realize periods of searching in my life but did not understand it at the time. Again, like many teenagers, I dealt with insecurities and wanting to know acceptance.

How I came to Christ

When I was very young my family was involved in church. My parents taught Sunday school and we were active until about my third grade school year. I do not know why but when we moved from Charlotte, N.C. back to Memphis we suddenly stopped attending. For the next seven years I practically had no involvement in church. In my tenth grade year in high school I was invited to attend Young Life and began to attend on a pretty consistent basis. At the end of my sophomore year I was invited by two friends to attend a special service at a large local church. It was during this time in my life I started gaining an interest in spiritual things and believe now that it was then that God began to draw me to himself. During the latter part of my junior and entire senior year I observed the life of a classmate who had come to know Christ. I admired and respected him and deep down wanted what he had. It was during that time I began to date my wife, yet as I look back on those days my life had little direction. Finally, as a freshman in college I was confronted by another friend about my relationship with Christ. I could not answer him with confidence that I knew Christ. As I drove off from letting him out of the car I came to a stop sign and began to pour my heart out to Christ and confess my need and desire for Him as Savior in my life.

Life since Christ

I can honestly say my life has changed. He has directed my steps, shown Himself faithful, given me purpose, blessed me beyond measure with my wife and family and allowed me to be a part of a life changing ministry. Life has not been problem free in fact there have been times it has been very difficult. Yet, Christ has sustained me and been my source of hope. My heart is to know Him, serve Him, and allow Him to mold me as he sees fit for His honor.