Carlene Belue

God placed me in a family where I not only learned about Jesus, but saw Jesus lived out through the lives of my parents and many other missionaries they served alongside with in Guatemala. I lived there for 15 years, and my life was enriched through a different culture, learning a new language, and learning to trust God when life was hard.

At age 4, I was listening to my dad read a story to the elementary boys in the dorm where they were dorm parents. It was about our need for a Savior, to save us from our sins. I got up and went to my mom in the kitchen and told her I needed to ask Jesus into my heart. My dad baptized me at age 11 in the river near our home.

The lessons I learned about loving, serving, and obeying God become so important, and continue to influence me even to this day.

My life verse, chosen around the time I was in junior high, is Phil. 1:21 'For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.' Although I didn't know all that would mean for me, I knew I wanted to make choices that would be obedient to God's call on my life, and I remember asking God to do whatever it took to keep me from choosing my own way instead of His. He has honored that request many times and has been faithful to love, protect, challenge and place me where I would grow.

I've been a junior high teacher, a high school administrator, a tutor, and now preschool director at Broadway, but being a mother has been my most favorite and cherished position.

God has blessed me with a fun-loving husband who can always make me laugh, but also has a tender heart toward me, and those around him in need.

Early on, God blessed Robert and I with a ministry to the youth of our church, and we poured our lives into them, and enjoyed doing many things with them that we could not have done had we had our own children when we had planned.

After waiting 8 years, we are the proud parents of 2 beautiful children, and are grateful for the gifts God has given through adoption.

I wrote this recently and it gives a glimpse into my life that I hope will be an encouragement. Trusting Him Just the Same

With tears in my eyes, I thanked God for my two kids today, who have taught me to trust Jesus in all things.

I trusted God when He said He had a good plan for me. I kept trusting Him when I couldn't have children and the years wore on, and I saw His loving hand upon my grieving heart. He was saving my tears.

I still trusted when He led us to adoption. I trusted while I waited and waited. I trusted He would provide the finances and the child He had planned for us. He did!

I trusted Him when I wanted to adopt again but the timing wasn't right. I trusted while I waited and waited some more.

I trusted Him when He began working on us to adopt a sibling group, even when I really didn't see how we could, or if we should.

I trusted when He chose 3 sweet children who we loved and lost; I trusted when He took us all the way to Colombia and back, empty-handed. I trusted in His deep love for me, and for my children.

I trusted, and praised God for what He would do, even when I couldn't see. I trusted while I waited again.

I trusted Him when he brought along a new little life, one who was really sick.

I trusted God on the day I was told he had bleeding in his brain, and a blood clot, and they couldn't tell me if he would be okay.

I trusted God when He said to keep trusting, even when I couldn't see, even when I could've made the choice to quit. I trusted, and waited.

I'm trusting God today for what I can't see for tomorrow, and thanking Him that He can!

I have learned that I can trust God in all things; for in all things He loves, He provides, He gives, He plans, He heals, He never changes!

The practice of trust in times like these has brought strength to my soul, a peace that only God could bring, a love for my Jesus, and an excitement for heaven, that no other circumstances and no other choices could have brought.

I trust Him because I know He loves me!

And, this is my passion for our little ones at Broadway to know the love of Jesus, and for our families to continue to be cared for and ministered to; able to worship, go to Bible Studies, and serve, knowing their kids are loved and cared for and learning about Jesus, that He is trustworthy, faithful and has plans for good, and the hope of heaven.