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Children Protection Policy Security is of the utmost importance to us here in Broadway Kids. We understand that you cannot fully commit yourself to worship and the study of God’s Word if you are concerned about the safety of your children. To that end, Broadway Kids employs a strict check-in policy that we ask all members and attendees to abide by. All of our members and regular attendees are registered in our church database. Registration is quick and easy, and we’ve found that it’s the best way for us to learn about any allergies or special needs that your child has – once we know about those, we can more effectively minister to your child. Rest assured, any information that you provide to us is strictly confidential and will never be shared or given out. The check-in procedure is fairly straightforward and simple:

Members: before a child is dropped off in class a parent or guardian must check their child(ren) in at one of our computer check-in stations. You will receive two stickers: a nametag for your child(ren) and a pick up tag to presented when the child(ren) is picked up.

Visitors & Attendees: our Church Greeters can direct you to a check-in station where we will fill out a visitor form for you. We will hand write a nametag for your child(ren) and you will receive a pickup tag that must be presented when you pick up your child(ren).

Pick Up Time: (either after Sunday School or after Broadway Kid's Theater) the approved parent or guardian will be asked to present the pickup tag that matches your child(ren). Upon matching the pickup tag to the nametag the child(ren) will then be released into your care.


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