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Broadway Baptist Church ADULT CAREGROUP Testimony

The Tapp Family on a Sunday Night

It is Sunday night, and the Tapp family would rather be at Caregroup spending time with a group of friends from church than any other place.

When Ann and I first started going to a Caregroup, the first thing we were encouraged by was the immediate feeling of being loved by other members, people we did not even know. We were invited to our Caregroup by a long time friend of mine, Fred Bowman. I was fortunate to know a few of the other members as well. This group of people has been a constant encouragement to both Ann and me.

Our church uses CareGroups as a way to allow the members of the church to have a very personal connection to other members in the church. It can be easy for people to fade into the background in a church environment. Our Caregroup has been a positive way for both Ann and me to be encouraged in our life with Christ.

The Caregroup is led by a leader chosen by the church. The members graciously serve the group by providing their homes as places to gather and fellowship. The group is led in worship and discussion. We have been blessed in our group with transparent discussion that is uplifting and convicting. Caregroup has been a great way for Ann to connect with other women and build encouraging relationships. I have also created strong relationships with other men in the group, who hold me accountable to serve the Lord, my wife, family, and friends. It is amazing how we are all so different, but the issues we deal with on a daily basis are very similar. We have a mix of single and married people in the group so it is great to get perspective from people in different stages of their lives. Ann and I have seen a tremendous amount of growth in our relationship as we have been able to interact with other married couples in the group.

The church provides child care beginning at 5:30 p.m.. Caregroup begins at 6:00 p.m.. Everyone says hello and talks for a bit. After snacks we start worship and end at 7:30 p.m..

Our family has been blessed by the friendships we have gained through this group. I cannot think of a better name for this group than a "Caregroup." We truly get the best care possible and are constantly reminded of God's presence in our lives.

Thank you to all our fellow Caregroup members for your love.

Be sure and get plugged in with a Caregroup if you have not done so already.

Wayne and Ann Tapp