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Broadway Baptist Church BIBLE STUDY Testimony

One of the most memorable experiences in my Christian life began the Sunday that Nellita Young started a ladies' Bible Study class. That day a ministry was launched that the class could never have fathomed. We never even anticipated how the Lord would bestow so many blessings on this class.

The class is comprised of single, widowed, married, and divorced ladies. The ages range from young to not what is classified as old, but rather mature ladies. With such a diverse group, it took only a short time for all of us to become one in Christ and one in purpose.

We have a class made of ladies who pray and still believe that God answers prayers. Week after week we have seen prayers answered in ways that can only be called miracles. One of the members e-mails all of the prayer requests each Monday, and it so exciting to come back the next week to see how God has answered our prayers.

Another special ministry that the class has is preparing casseroles. This ministry is called "Casseroles for the King." We have frozen casseroles already prepared to be delivered anytime that people have any kind of need in their lives. This ministry has been used to minister to people at Broadway, as well as people in the community with or without a church home.

The greatest blessing of the Bible Study class is the teacher. Nellita allows the Lord to use her each Sunday, and through her obedience to God's word, she brings the scripture to life and meets the needs of each lady in the class wherever they may be in their Christian walk

Bible Study class provides a very unique setting. It is designed for Bible study with a smaller group of people than the actual church service. Because of the smaller group, it is much easier to get to know people, to have fellowship, and to develop lasting friendships. Broadway has many Bible Study classes to meet the needs of all people in different stages and walks of life.

I have had many teachers through the years at Broadway, and everyone has been a special blessing to me. Bible Study class has always been a big part of my life since I was a small child, and I have always looked forward to going each Sunday. I encourage everyone to find his or her niche in Bible Study and to become an active part in the class and to be prepared to receive a blessing from the Lord.

Martha Stevenson